Honda r18 engine

I miss the NPR Car Talk show! Mustangman July 12, 2018, 7:58pm #2. Honda extended the warranty for as much as 8 years covering the coolant leak, so if you go to your local Honda dealer you could get the engine block or even the entire engine replaced free of charge (if you have a coolant leak). There is nothing you can do, proactively to.

aria-label="Show more">. Yes, the 8th gen uses the R18A1. I think in like 2013ish they re-rated the civic's r18 engine at 143HP from the previous 140. But they claimed it came from a new exhaust. BTW, the new HR-V also uses the R18 engine. W Worrywart Registered Joined Dec 1, 2014 162 Posts Discussion Starter · #5 · Jul 7, 2015 Thanks.

Dec 03, 2013 · 23,095. They are different engines even though they both are called "r18" (they are both 1.8 liters).The 9th gen is not the same engine as the 8th gen r18.The ecu is different in the 2012+, and the ignition system is as well. As a result, the flashpro won't work without them releasing a 9th gen specific flashpro. Dec 3, 2013.




The Honda R engine is an inline-four engine launched in 2006 for the Honda Civic (non-Si). It is fuel injected, has an aluminum-alloy cylinder block and cylinder head, is a SOHC 16-valve design (four valves per cylinder) and utilizes Honda's i-VTEC system.

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You can take the r20 block and bolt up the r18 heads and intake manifold... but might not gain all 10hp because the r18 intake manifold is different. Doing this route would allow to use flashpro, doing a whole r20 engine swap requires the ecu or maybe a piggy back ecu. You can get a used r20 for about $700, so its not too bad price to hp gain.